Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Golden-Leaves-Logo-150x150Purchasing a funeral plan delivers peace of mind for you and your family.

Thinking about purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan can be an uncomfortable thing to do. But pre-planning your funeral is actually a thoughtful and responsible way to show that you care about your family.

Pre-planning and pre-paying at today's prices means you can choose the funeral you want and the funeral director's fees for it are paid, no matter how prices rise in the future. Perhaps even more importantly, your family are spared the emotional and financial burden of organising your funeral, with all the decisions and problems this can entail, at a time when they can least cope

Funeral costs have risen dramatically in recent years and look set to continue on the same path. According to a 2009 survey, for example, cremations have increased in price by 40% in just five years.

One of the main and important advantages of a pre-paid funeral plan over a traditional insurance policy or savings account is that the funeral directors' fees are guaranteed to be met, however much their price rises, and therefore won't be a financial burden for your relatives, no matter how long you live.

When you put your money in an insurance policy or building society, there are no guarantees that your investment will increase sufficiently to pay for your funeral when the unfortunate day comes

At Michael G Ryan Son And Daughters Ltd we offer Golden Leaves Funeral Plans as we believe that they are the best funeral plans available. All funds are paid directly to the Golden Leaves Trust where they are held by an independent board of trustees. The trustees are required to ensure the adequacy of funds to cover the cost of the funerals when they occur. Our last actuarial reports state that there are adequate funds to cover all funerals should they occur on the same day.

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