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home-MRMichael started working life as a Carpenter, Joiner and Shop fitter – and eventually became immersed in all forms of building and construction work, as a Site manager, contracts and projects manager, His first involvement with the Undertaking business came about when he was commissioned to refurbish the offices of a Newport-based Funeral Director.
‘I was so impressed by the way they conducted themselves and the respect they showed, at all times, to the deceased and the deceased’s family. It really made a lasting impression on me. Before long, I became involved and began working with them – at first just adding little touches here and there – and discovered that I actually got immense satisfaction in providing comfort and support, whilst providing a vital service to the families that I met.’
 Following a brief detour ‘up North’ (where he met his then future wife) as a Site Manager in the construction industry, Michael soon realised he actually had ‘a calling’ to work in the funeral business, so when he received a request to refurbish the offices of another funeral director in Newport, he had no hesitation in returning. Once back, he soon found himself involved in the day-to-day running of that business too – only this time, within six-months, he was actually running it completely! It was then that the idea began to form that he could start his own funeral management service.

Michael G Ryan & Son was established on 1st January 1998 and is an independent family owned funeral directors. On the 1st January 2003 Michael G Ryan & Son became a limited company.
Following the introduction of his daughters, Louise and Rachael, it was decided that the company name be changed to include all family members therefore on the 1st January 2011 Michael G Ryan Son & Daughters Ltd was established.
We provide a complete funeral service with respect, dignity and understanding, 24-hour personal attention, 365 days a year. We cater to suit the particular needs, faith and the budget of each individual family.
Since being established, Michael G Ryan Son & Daughters Ltd has incorporated a monumental masonry service, with its own identity as Louise Memorials.


Louise has always helped out in the business from a young age, but was always unsure of what career path she wanted. Whilst in school Louise went on work experience in a hairdressers and went on to working as a Saturday girl for nearly two years there, when she decided that it was not for her.  Louise then went straight in to working evenings in a call centre not far from her school, leaving her Saturdays free. Louise worked in the call centre for over a year before she went full time and this is when she realised it was not for her, going back to part time hours in the call centre and over 4 years later, Louise approached her dad wanting to join the family business full time and make a career for herself, Louise Memorials opened its doors for the first time on 1st March 2008.
After directing her first funeral at the age of 19 Louise made it into the papers going worldwide as being possibly Britain’s youngest independent female family funeral director.

In July 2010 Louise’s younger sister Rachael at the age of 15, started a week’s work experience with the company, from a young age Rachael has also been involved in the family business but it wasn’t until she had the experience of a full week working with in the trade that she decided that she wanted to join the company as well, In Rachael’s spare time, she has many hobbies which includes Singing which she has done from a very young age, and horse riding in which she has been taught since the age of 11. Within no time at all the papers picked up on Rachael being even younger than her sister Louise and decided to write a story about her which was also picked up by all the national papers and it wasn’t long until a documentary company approached the Ryan family which resulted in them following them around for over 6 months eventually in September 2011 and at the tender age of 16 Rachael and her family appeared in an hour long documentary naming the show ‘Britain’s youngest undertaker’ and taking her sisters title as ‘Britain’s youngest independent female family funeral director’, which Louise is extremely proud of!
After finishing compulsory education in May 2011 Rachael has been working full time within the business.

Pat and Mike married in 1984. Since leaving school Pat started work in TSB Bank and stayed in the finance industry until she decided she wanted a change and started working for the NHS in 2007.
Pat has always been in the background of the Funeral industry since 1998 when Michael G Ryan and Son was established.
In 2013 Michael G Ryan Son and Daughters had the opportunity for expansion and opened up a new branch in Cardiff. Pat then made the decision to become fully involved with the family business. A decision made by all parties of the business where she was to be the face of the Cardiff Branch. In August 2013 Michael G Ryan Son and Daughters opened its Doors in Cardiff on North Road, Gabalfa

At Louise Memorials we can offer guidance and advice to assist your choice of memorial, taking into account the many churchyard and cemetery regulations. After 3 years in our original premises it was decide to move closer to the funeral home and is now all under one roof Michael G Ryan Son and Daughters incorporating Louise Memorials is now at 106 – 108 Malpas Road allowing us to concentrate fully on all aspects of the funeral industry and expanding, to incorporate a service chapel at the premises.

Each funeral is individual, our motto ‘Our concern is your wellbeing at a time when you are hurting most’ reflects our image, and that is exactly what we do, we care for each individual family in the way that they need it we are there for someone that needs just a talk any time of the day or night with a memory that they want share or something as simple as reassurance.
Each and every funeral is different, weather it is down to the religion or the different type of funeral a family would like. We would like to think that we give the same amount of care that we would like for our own relative and that is what we base our understanding on.


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